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About Mialyn

About Mialyn Hanna

Mia is known for her eclectic mix of massage techniques like swedish, deep tissue, and shiatzu massage, reflexology, acupressure and a variety of energy healing modalities like reiki, polarity and chakra balancing and more.  Mia is combining her professional knowledge intuitively looking to create the most healing, relaxation, centeredness, and expansion within each of her client's body and mind.

Throughout her career, Mia has enjoyed providing massage work in the personal space of her clients, at their home or office. She feels that house calls enable her to co-create a relaxing and healing space within each client's home for them to enjoy long after the massage is finished.

When working in Beverly Hills, 'Allure Magazine'; published an article about Mia as one of the

city’s “massage masters,” calling her practice “an eclectic mix ... of assorted bodywork techniques.”

While on her own path of expanding peace and centeredness within her being, Mia enjoys a new exploration with each client into their bright light, peace, and joy. 

"It is my pleasure and honor to assist each client in their expansion of wholeness and joy."



A personal note from Mia


After moving from Los Angeles to New Hampshire I mostly enjoyed the "community" of nature, listening within and engaging in daily energy clearings. The intention of clearings is to release and transmute limiting thoughtforms and energies that are mine and those that I took on from outside of myself. By doing so, it enables me to open to my loving self on deeper levels. 


By the time Covid-19 came around with its social distancing, it enhanced that inner work for me and by October of 2020, I started coming out of my nature retreat to participate with my surrounding community.


It was time to get back to sharing my massage and healing work. This time with a renewed understanding of how energies work within me and between therapist and client, therefore entering the work in a powerful new way.

At times that means engaging clients in conversations, bringing forward hidden stories and associated emotions, in order to address the underlying structures (emotions, and thoughtforms) that may cause tension and dis-ease in our physical and mental body.


Doing house calls enables me to co-create a relaxing and healing space within each client's home for them to enjoy after the massage is finished.

It is my pleasure and honor to assist each client in their expansion of wholeness and joy.

Love and Light


Mialyn Hanna



Services/Price List

Mia's Signature Massage 

Massage in your home, office or venue.

Mia applies multiple massage techniques and energy modalities matched to your body's individual needs. In her experience a minimum of 60 minutes massage is just shy of having lastig impact, therfore her massages start at 70 minutes. 

Included Upgrades:

CBD spot treatment



Deep tissue

70 Minutes $120
90 Minutes $150

Chair Massages 

For your guests, employees, or your special event.

The price depends on whether the event coordinator would like to pay by the hour or have each person pay for their own session. 

To book for your event please email, call or text :



Energy Clearing  

Using Faster EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, aka"tapping" and White Light energy clearing to clear limiting energies on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

Individual classes or small groups. 

Kundalini Yoga

Also known as 'Yoga of awareness', uses movement, breath, and chanting to open and align our energy centers. It assists in freeing the body's life force and can creates self healing on many levels.

Individual classes and small groups.


Clients Experience

“Regular treatments with Mia is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Mia is diverse with her technique, strong and intuitive. I look forward to every session!”

-kyla miller


" I am 69 years old with a variety of physical ailments. I was very skeptical about getting massages and what they could provide for me.


After seeing Mia for only two months, she has helped me to gain feeling back in my legs and feet (from neuropathy), cleared my sciatica, noticeably increased my balance, and reduced the water weight out of the muscles in my legs.


She is not only attuned to my body and its needs, but also to my overall health and well-being. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family. ”

- Bing Clark (current client)

Wow. On vacation in New Hampshire, one of our party booked massages for three of us after getting a recommendation for Mia.


I have had massages for specific therapeutic reasons and occasionally for general health and relaxation. I thought most of those people were skilled.


Mia, however, took it to another level. She was skillful and intuitive, and maybe a little magic. We all talked afterward and realized that we all thought that she had found and given healing attention to our particular trouble spots.

It's been a week now and both my cohorts have asked me, "would it be crazy to fly back to New Hampshire just for another massage?" Thank you, Mia.

Randy Wards -  Adair Inn, Bethlehem

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